Praise For Dr. Andrew Matthews And Kannapolis Spine & Wellness Center

“I had a herniated disc about 15 years ago and had surgery. I have had episodes of pain off and on for all this time even after surgery. A recent MRI revealed that I had 2 more herniated discs. The pain was terrible. I tried physical therapy.

In desperation I tried the spinal decompression with Dr. Matthews. I began to see immediate reduction in my pain. Dr. Matthews and his staff have been so great and friendly. My pain level is down significantly, and I would recommend Dr. Matthews to anyone.”

Deborah S.

“Before the procedure, I was living with moderate to severe lower back & hip pain for 17 years. I’d tried just about everything for relief with no success except taking a lot of pain pills. Simple daily tasks like walking or standing longer than 30 minutes became difficult.

Then one day I read about spinal decompression, decided to try it as a last resort. I found myself being able to walk long distances and stand or sit for long periods of time with little or no pain. I haven’t had any lower back pain since the third treatment. I haven’t had any pain in my hip. Overall I am doing very well.”

Floyd B.

“I had a fall and injured my back 2 years ago. I have had 3 epidurals in my back plus back surgery a year ago, without success or relief from pain in my back and leg. I returned to the surgeon only to receive more steroid shots to my leg and knee with no relief from pain and I could hardly walk.

I could tell a difference with my first treatment with spinal decompression. I have been able to get back to cleaning my house, shopping, walking and enjoying life again. I no longer have the pain in my leg and back. It has been a wonderful and priceless experience to me!

Marlene T.

“I was treated very nicely. The doctors have listened to me and they didn’t rush me out of the office, despite the fact I wasn’t a candidate.

The exam I had was super, the best I’ve had anywhere. The doctor explained things to me that no one else ever has.”

A. Berg

“I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and a bulging disc in my lower lumbar spine about 2 years ago. I had horrific pain in my back, buttocks, legs, and feet. I was living on pain medication daily. I then moved to epidural shots which did not work and then finally the orthopedic doctor suggested surgery.

After doing spinal decompression therapy I am now at least 90 to 95 percent pain free. The treatment allowed the disc to heal relieving the pressure on the sciatic nerve. I thank God for Dr. Matthews and the lumbar decompression system. Surgery is no longer needed!”

Jerry B.

“Before going to try spinal decompression I had chronic lower back pain and leg pain resulting from a herniated disc. Which was diagnosed two years ago? I would experience sharp pain in the lower back and it would shoot pain down the right leg. The pain was constant and affected my daily activities at home and at work.

Since receiving spinal decompression therapy all my leg pain has completely diminished and my lower back pain is virtually gone. I have been able to resume all my normal activities. Spinal decompression has helped when other treatment options were unsuccessful.”

Karen S.